Nitto Presents: Auto Enthusiast Day

Auto Enthusiast Day presented by Nitto tires was great! I didn’t make it to the last year event but saw all the pictures from many social media outlets and knew I had to make it this time. Sure enough, the event did not disappoint. Turn out looked great and you can’t beat the event being free to the public. Drifting demos, car show and vendor booths I’d recommend it to anyone interested in cars. Just like the name says “Auto Enthusiast Day”. The only thing bad was that it felt like 90+ that day but thankfully there was a nice breeze to take off a little sizzle of the skin.

The event was the same day as Spocom Norcal so the SoCal show cars that might have shown were not present. Even with 2 shows being the same day there were a lot of nice cars and since registration was free there were some questionable ones as well. I only snapped pics of the cars that stood out to me in the amount of time I could stand the heat before I had to go find shade. Enjoy the coverage.

Word and photos by: B.Shea


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