Nisei 2015 – Import Showoff X Stancenation

I’m sure you expected the show coverage a lot sooner and to be honest so did I. But reality of a busy work schedule and running a small business ( <- shameless plug) means somethings get put on the back burner. The good news is that here it is! The coverage might not be the greatest as I’m getting used to attempting to be a photographer and work on my editing skills. Plus, it didn’t help that this years Nisei show was somewhat under ground and the lighting wasn’t forgiving for a novice wanna be photographer like myself. The location was good to shade us from the burning sun we’ve all come to expect from this event.

As for the show itself, it was good. The turn out was good and I saw some choice cars that I haven’t seen recently at other shows.  The only thing bad was the hint of sticky icky floating in the air which in the confine spaces of the underground parking isn’t the greatest. Although I usually wouldn’t mind it. I now bring my wife and kid with me, and for a family event like Nisei has always been – it kind of ruins the family part of the event. Either way Nisei as a whole brings it and I will continue going to either participate or to go and support and take pictures to share on this blog. Check out the pics and enjoy.

Words and photos by: B. Shea


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